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Production facilities

At present ZAO ObninskEnergoTech rents main production facilities from Signal instrument factory. Own site for electrotechnical laboratories assembly was enabled in 2008. The company plans to create own production facilities, including stands and testing equipment both for drive and cable equipment production.

General nomenclature

At present ZAO ObninskEnergoTech produces 5 types of electrotechnical laboratories that can satisfy requirements of both single-purpose municipal and industrial cable networks and diversified enterprises of Inter-regional high-voltage grid company. Our laboratories allows to maintain both traditional paper-oil insulated cables and distribution substations, and modern cables with XLPE insulation. About 100 laboratories and more than 500 separate instruments manufactured by ZAO ObninskEnergoTech are used in network companies.

Control systems for mining excavator electric drives EKG-5 developed and produced by ZAO ObninskEnergoTech is a batch product used by Uralmash in its products. Crane electric drive control system Atlant is used at process sites of metallurgical and cement plants.

Unique solutions

Developers of ZAO ObninskEnergoTech were able to find out solutions that have no analogues in Russia.

Small-scale burn-through device MPU-3 Phoenix specified ways of development in this unit class for many years. Its analogues appeared only in recent years, but their performance capabilities are inferior to that of MPU-3.

LK-series electrotechnical laboratories were the first Russian laboratories with automatic control system. It allowed to increase functionality considerably, and to improve safety and operational usability.

Ultralow frequency test complex IK 01/SNC25 and IK 01/SNC36, and shield inspection tool PKO-5 are unique serial home made equipment for XLPE insulated cable maintenance.

Crane electric drive control system Atlant works under heavy dusty conditions and high temperature without conditioning.

Advanced developments

  • solid-state control system for mining excavator electric drive EKG-10 Granit

  • cable damage acoustic detecting equipment

  • high-power audio-frequency generator with afterburn function for cable damage induction detection method


Aleksey Petrovich Bakeev, Vladimir Gennadievich Sviridetskiy and Konstantin Borisovich Gorynin were the originators of the company. They are the people of one generation, they went through the mill in 90-ties, and acquired business experience in that severe conditions. They easily got on well with each other and became a basis of the company which was new and unknown. Today these people present ZAO ObninskEnergoTech. Mr. Gorynin is in charge of marketing, sales and service department, Mr. Sviridetskiy is responsible for new products development and production, and Mr. Bakeev is the general director.


Vladimir Gennadievich Sviridetskiy, who graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute, is not only talented developer, but a real leader, who has been able to rally a team which can solve the most challenging tasks in world-lass electrotechnical equipment development and production startup. This team includes both long-service employees who were schooled by soviet design and experimental works, and quite young yesterday’s graduates of Obninsk Nuclear Power Engineering Institute. At present more than 20 employees are engaged in new products development.

Nikolai Nikolayevich Schadin graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute and has been working in Obninsk since middle 60-ties. He worked in Institute of Physics and Power Engineering for more than 30 years. He is the leading developer of new products of cable trend.

Aleksey Nikolayevich Strykov is 30 plus years younger than Mr. Schadin. Graduate of Obninsk Nuclear Power Engineering Institute, he quickly became the leading circuit designer and software developer. At present no key development of ZAO ObninskEnergoTech goes without his participation.

Graduates of Obninsk Universities

Obninsk universities are the basis for HR improvement in ZAO ObninskEnergoTech. At present recent graduates of Obninsk universities become to hold key appointments in the company. We should mention not only Aleksey Strykov, but also Svetlana Novikova graduated from Obninsk subsidiary of the State University of Management (chief accountant), Andrey Verevkin (chief engineer in crane drive trend) and Victoria Glazkova (chief manager of cable trend) who graduated from Nuclear Power Engineering Institute, and other.

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